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Gano Family

Jess and Troy Gano have two of the most beautiful little boys we’ve ever laid eyes on!
Combine this with a beautiful fall setting, and this family photo session was spectacular!
Troy operates his family’s one hundred and 10 year old homestead along side his father and mother. Chinook County Farm includes a mixed farming operation of crops and cattle consisting of Red Angus cows bred to Charolais bulls. Unique to most family farms, the Ganos export most of their timothy and alfalfa to Japan and the USA.
The boys kept this photographer moving as they had so much fun running through the leaf-filled trail to see what was around the next corner!
Big brother love…Awwww!
  IMG_5506 copy
 Over the summer, the Ganos were awarded the 2014 BMO-Calgary Stampede Farm Family Award of the year. Congratulations Gano family on your contributions to agriculture and on your beautiful little family!

The Mader Family

The Mader Ranches bull sale was one of the first events I (Cassie) attended when coming to Canada to visit my future husband a few years ago.
Jill and Ryley were so inviting and would fast become friends of mine also.
A year and a half later, I knew I wanted their little girl Stella in our wedding as a very special flower girl. Isn’t she beautiful!?
And now, their son Hawkin is as tough as his sister is lady like! That’s a big stick you got there Hawk Man!
We (yes, Ryan helps me!) love taking pictures of this family! We often incorporate looking at cattle as part of the photo shoot. 🙂
And those kids, OMG!
Some photos deserve to be in black and white, don’t you think?
There’s something special about a mother-daughter relationship…
And a father-son relationship…
Thank you Maders for your continued friendship. And for asking us to take your family pictures. It’s become a tradition we enjoy each summer!
Be sure to check out Mader Ranches’ great offering of Simmental females this fall and join them
at their on-the-farm bull sale in Carstairs on February 20, 2015!

The Clark Girls :: Chancee, Carlee and Chloee

The Clark sisters are no strangers to the showring. Chancee, Carlee and Chloee, daughters of Jeremy and Andrea Clark of Romance, Arkansas, have a true passion for the cattle industry and the show cattle business.


DSC_5485 copy

Together, these sisters have accomplished more at young age than most juniors accomplish over their entire junior showing careers.


IMG_2844 copy

The oldest sister Chancee, age 12, is in the sixth grade at Vilonia Middle School. Chancee’s greatest accomplishments in the show cattle industry include raising both national champion and reserve national champion bred-and-owned Mainetainer females.

DSC_5500 copy

Carlee, the middle sister, is nine years old and a fourth grader at Vilonia Elementary. Her greatest accomplishment includes winning back-to-back national champion Charolais Composite female titles in 2013 and 2014.

DSC_5506 copy

Together, Chancee and Carlee have won nine national champion showmanship titles. That is impressive!

The youngest is Cholee. She is seven years old and at a young age has already won third overall heifer at her county fair.

DSC_5509 copy

These beauties have a promising future as young cattlewomen!

IMG_2865 copy


If you would like to book a lifestyle session, contact Rural Route Creations today!

M&R Cattle Company :: The Chambers Family

Today, Mike and his wife Roberta, along with their two children Erin and Leighton, operate a 70-head cowherd
of carefully sourced Simmental genetics East of Hwy 2 between Olds and Innisfail. We have worked with M&R Cattle Co.
on their livestock marketing, but it was fun to capture the family in a more relaxed setting during family pictures!

IMG_0009 copy

IMG_0825 copy

IMG_0046 copy

IMG_0861 copy copy

IMG_0919 copy

There is a very special bond between grandchildren and their grandparents…

IMG_1027 copy

But perhaps an even more special bond between a daughter and her father…

IMG_0051 copy

 Having been in the purebred business for more than 20 years, the family is pleased to offer a small set of select females
selling in the fall at the industry’s most elite Simmental sales. Watch for their consignments sired by some of North America’s
most premier A.I. sires including MR HOC Broker and MR TR Hammer 308A ET.

IMG_1011 copy

The Holcombe Family

We were very excited to travel down the red dirt roads of Oklahoma to visit the Holcombe family. Aaron, Tammie, and their two kids Ashley and Caleb, showed us around their beautiful farm in Jay, Oklahoma. We definitely enjoyed our time with them!

DSC_2906 copy

DSC_2911 copy DSC_3067 copy DSC_2951 copy

Caleb’s calf was a big teddy bear, and enjoyed the attention Caleb gave to him on this warm day!

Caleb’s calf was a big teddy bear, and enjoyed the attention Caleb gave to him on this warm day!

DSC_1438 copy DSC_3053 copy DSC_3017 copy DSC_2930 copy

Ashley is very involved in the Jay FFA chapter and enjoys working with her Shorthorn cattle.

Ashley is very involved in the Jay FFA chapter and enjoys working with her Shorthorn cattle. They really make a photogenic pair!

DSC_1494 copy DSC_3028 copy DSC_3099 copy DSC_3108 copy

To book your family session, contact us before the last leaf falls, and receive a complimentary video of your photos!

The Lane Family

Will and Tamara Lane, and their kids Ryan and Lexi, raise an outstanding herd of Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus cattle on their farm in Jay, Oklahoma. The farm the Lane’s raise their cattle on has been passed down from generation to generation, serving as great place for Ryan and Lexi to grow-up and learn first hand about the beef industry. We truly enjoyed spending the day with the Lane’s and their cattle!

DSC_1174 copy DSC_2652 copy DSC_2597 copy

DSC_2601 copy DSC_1160 copy DSC_2687 copy

DSC_1268 copy DSC_1078 copy DSC_2725 copy DSC_2732 copy DSC_2721 copy

DSC_2654 copy

There is no telling where Ryan’s future in the cattle industry will take him. As a young cattlemen he has already seen great success, including raising the 2014 Grand Champion Bull at the National Junior Shorthorn Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

There is no telling where Ryan’s future in the cattle industry will take him. As a young cattlemen he has already seen great success, including raising the 2014 Grand Champion Bull at the National Junior Shorthorn Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

DSC_2680 copy DSC_2889 copy DSC_2794 copy DSC_2830 copy DSC_2697 copy DSC_1310 copy

DSC_2815 copy

Lexi’s love for her retired show cow Sweet Pea is truly genuine. Even out of the show ring you can see the relationship between these two stands strong.

DSC_2631 copy DSC_2869 copy

Check out more about Lane Cattle on their RRC designed website.

The Gardner Family

Diamond T Cattle Co. is located west of Olds, Alberta. Brody and Justine Gardner continue their family’s tradition of raising Red and Black Angus cattle and are pleased to announce their 1st full sale at the ranch in 2015. Anyone who visits Diamond T knows the star of the operation is Ms. Calynn! Calynn will soon be having her first birthday and is so full of happiness, it is contagious.

IMG_6047 copy

Look closely for the ranch brand on the side of this special home made rocking horse…! So special!

IMG_6108 copy

IMG_6145 copy

This girl seriously smiles ALL the time!

IMG_6532 copy IMG_6204 copy IMG_6576 copy IMG_6310 copy IMG_6464 copy IMG_6337 copy

Doesn't this photo remind you of the Holly Dunn song "Daddy's Hands"?! Precious.

Doesn’t this photo remind you of the Holly Dunn song “Daddy’s Hands”?! Precious.

IMG_6372 copy IMG_6239 copy IMG_6198 copy IMG_6262 copy IMG_6478 copy

Thank you Brody and Justine for having me out to your new place to picture your sweet little family. I had a blast!

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The Brandl Family

Byron and Gwen Brandl have been long-time family friends with the Dorran’s, as they hired Ryan several years ago to sell their annual Bull Sale. Ryan and Cassie are especially fond of their keen kiddos who are sure to each have a future in agriculture.

IMG_2320 copy IMG_1868 copy

IMG_1827 copy IMG_1790 copy

IMG_1821 copy IMG_1814 copy IMG_1857 copy   IMG_1834 copy IMG_1862 copy

IMG_2257 copy

IMG_2198 copy IMG_2430 copy

Every family has a class clown, right? Landon, the youngest Brandl child, is always making everyone around him smile. Even when his parents are mad at him for his mischief, it’s hard not to smile at that little grin. At this age, Landon dreams of being a roper!

IMG_2610 copy IMG_2341 copy IMG_1968 copy IMG_2471 copy IMG_2530 copy IMG_2444 copy IMG_2627 copy

Wynton is the serious one of the family and is sure to pay attention to the most important details. Wynton built his own tree house this summer with the help of his dad. This guy can do anything!

IMG_2559 copy

Kailey is a beautiful girl who is a heck of an Irish dancer and growing up WAY too fast! She is a great big sister to her younger brothers.

IMG_9602 copy

Check out more about Brandl Cattle Company on their RRC designed website. They raise both Red and Black Angus and hold an annual bull sale on the farm called “Stoke the Fire”.

The Hamilton Family

Grace and the late Tom Hamilton raised their family of 3 sons and a daughter outside of Innisfail, Alberta. Grace was from the Bradshaw family, one of Canada’s original Angus breeders. And Tom’s family operated Rannoch Farms, the farm name originating from Tom’s father who came from Scotland, homesteading in Bowden in 1892. Grace and Tom continued the farm with their 4 children. In the early days, the family was a part of the Calgary Bull Sale. Back then, the family would chase the bulls to the small town of Innisfail, and load them on the train to Calgary. Today, Grace serves as the matriarch of her family, and is loved by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


IMG_3937 copy-fb IMG_3964

In more recent days, Gavin’s family operating as Belvin Angus, took bulls to the Calgary Bull Sale for more than 30 years, winning champion Angus bull 13 times. Today, Gavin and his wife Mabel along with their children Colton and Quinn have their own successful bull sale at the farm each March. “Cattle politics” have been very important to Gavin’s family, volunteering and serving in leadership roles both within the Angus breed and Canadian cattle industry as a whole. For the past several years, Colton has been very active in bringing Argentina Angus genetics to North America, most well known for the very popular sire Belvin Tres Marias PATRÓN 205.

IMG_3617 Gavin-IMG_3584


Rob’s family operates an Angus operation known as Hamilton Farms. Since 1981, Rob and his wife Gail have had many accomplishments within the Angus industry, in more recent years winning the prestigious World Angus Forum in 2009 with HF Tiger 5T. Hamilton Farms also has a very successful on-farm bull sale each March and has had recent success at the National Western Stock Show with some of the most talked about pens in the yards. Rob and Gail have three sons they are very proud of and a soon to be daughter-in-law.


IMG_3756 IMG_3691

 Wendon Holsteins, Wendy’s family, has a very successful dairy farm founded in 1976. As the only girl growing up, Wendy now has two beautiful daughters, a new daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. Wendy and her husband Don enjoy all three of their grandkids but still take an active role on their own farm with both their son Logan and son-in-law Scott. The farm is a two-time Master Breeder Shield winner, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Holstein breeder. The farm is well known throughout Canada and exports genetics internationally also.


IMG_3831 IMG_3707 IMG_3732 IMG_3726 IMG_3863 IMG_3843

Jamie and his family live on the original homestead where Grace and Tom raised their family. Jamie and his wife have a beautiful daughter and three sons that are active within the community. Jamie runs a commercial cow/calf operation outside of Bowden and has a fond interest in horses.


IMG_3890 IMG_3865

To say Grace and Tom raised successful children would be an understatement. Today, Grace shines when she is around her family and enjoys attending their events and seeing their many accomplishments. Thank you to the Hamilton family for allowing us to capture your beautiful family. It was very much a privilege!

IMG_3914 IMG_3954 IMG_3961

Family Lifestyle Session with the Rancier Family

Rancier Farms is home to some of the most impressive and successful Simmental genetics across North America, but the farm nestled in Killam, Alberta, is also home to two very cute kiddos along with their parents, Garth and Ang Rancier. Garth and Ang run an impressive farming operation both in the grain and cattle industries. During their family lifestyle photography session, we used their daily surroundings on the farm to capture their family. The kids were more than excited and even the cows cooperated for this early evening adventure. Don’t you just love the late summer colors?! And those smiles…! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! rrc1

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Smash the Cake with Gracie

The Bohrson family and Cassie and Ryan Dorran, owners of Rural Route Creations, are great friends and when the Bohrson’s announced the arrival of their baby Gracie they were so excited to help welcome her into the world. Gracie is a bubbly, happy baby who is growing up way too fast in the eyes of both her parents and all the people who are lucky enough to be apart of her life. To celebrate this beautiful little girl’s 1st birthday, Cassie did a Smash the Cake photo shoot, and as you can see it was a bunch of fun! It did take some time for Gracie to get into the smashing part of the cake because she is very much a girly girl who had little interest in getting her hands dirty. However, once she started she had a blast and loved digging into the cake her mom made for her.

Happy 1st birthday Gracie, we look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful young lady!

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