The Mader Family

The Mader Ranches bull sale was one of the first events I (Cassie) attended when coming to Canada to visit my future husband a few years ago.
Jill and Ryley were so inviting and would fast become friends of mine also.
A year and a half later, I knew I wanted their little girl Stella in our wedding as a very special flower girl. Isn’t she beautiful!?
And now, their son Hawkin is as tough as his sister is lady like! That’s a big stick you got there Hawk Man!
We (yes, Ryan helps me!) love taking pictures of this family! We often incorporate looking at cattle as part of the photo shoot. 🙂
And those kids, OMG!
Some photos deserve to be in black and white, don’t you think?
There’s something special about a mother-daughter relationship…
And a father-son relationship…
Thank you Maders for your continued friendship. And for asking us to take your family pictures. It’s become a tradition we enjoy each summer!
Be sure to check out Mader Ranches’ great offering of Simmental females this fall and join them
at their on-the-farm bull sale in Carstairs on February 20, 2015!

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