Gano Family

Jess and Troy Gano have two of the most beautiful little boys we’ve ever laid eyes on!
Combine this with a beautiful fall setting, and this family photo session was spectacular!
Troy operates his family’s one hundred and 10 year old homestead along side his father and mother. Chinook County Farm includes a mixed farming operation of crops and cattle consisting of Red Angus cows bred to Charolais bulls. Unique to most family farms, the Ganos export most of their timothy and alfalfa to Japan and the USA.
The boys kept this photographer moving as they had so much fun running through the leaf-filled trail to see what was around the next corner!
Big brother love…Awwww!
  IMG_5506 copy
 Over the summer, the Ganos were awarded the 2014 BMO-Calgary Stampede Farm Family Award of the year. Congratulations Gano family on your contributions to agriculture and on your beautiful little family!

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