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Diamond T Cattle Co. is located west of Olds, Alberta. Brody and Justine Gardner continue their family’s tradition of raising Red and Black Angus cattle and are pleased to announce their 1st full sale at the ranch in 2015. Anyone who visits Diamond T knows the star of the operation is Ms. Calynn! Calynn will soon be having her first birthday and is so full of happiness, it is contagious.

IMG_6047 copy

Look closely for the ranch brand on the side of this special home made rocking horse…! So special!

IMG_6108 copy

IMG_6145 copy

This girl seriously smiles ALL the time!

IMG_6532 copy IMG_6204 copy IMG_6576 copy IMG_6310 copy IMG_6464 copy IMG_6337 copy

Doesn't this photo remind you of the Holly Dunn song "Daddy's Hands"?! Precious.

Doesn’t this photo remind you of the Holly Dunn song “Daddy’s Hands”?! Precious.

IMG_6372 copy IMG_6239 copy IMG_6198 copy IMG_6262 copy IMG_6478 copy

Thank you Brody and Justine for having me out to your new place to picture your sweet little family. I had a blast!

To book your family session, contact us before the last leaf falls, and receive a complimentary video of your photos!

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